28 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Korku dolu anlar

Ben şuan hala şok halinde olduğum için bunu bir başka arkadaşın blogundan alıntı yaparak anlatmak istiyorum, hislerime tercüman olmuş kendisi.

I thought it was about time to tackle something really... scary. I mean, I guess salty licorace 
is pretty terrifying. So is licorace ice cream. Okay, licorace is scary. 
But I wanted to take on something REALLY scary. That wasn't licorace. 
Or any other sort of candy.

I'm talking big here. Big scary. Blood eating. Swedish vampires.

Blood. Pudding.


They eat it for breakfast. 'They' being Swedish people who don't think it is disgusting. 

Many do hate it. Many secretly love it. And some not so secretly.

I know that they also eat it in other European countries under various names; blood pudding, 

black pudding, blood sausage, etc.

I had heard rumors that is was black. I imagined some sort of black... scabby goo. 

After talking to a few people, I learned that it is not pudding like we think of. 
It's more like a sausage. I discovered that 
the ingredients are pretty simple. Some sort of binding agent, like flour, 
mixed up with some blood. Maybe a little fat too. Then you shape it into a really fat sausage, 
cut it into slices, and fry it.

Domuz kanını pişirip kahvaltıda yiyebilecek kapasiteye sahip tek yer İskandinavya olabilirdi zaten.

Ben bi kusup gelicem.

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